"It is so crazy to me that I am seeing so many positive changes in my life and I am only 3 months into being coached. I started off as a cynic of health coaching. I wanted it to work for me, I wanted to see positive changes in my life, but I was ready for it not to work.

One of the biggest changes I have seen already halfway through my time working with Melanie is a belief in myself, a belief that I can make any changes in my life that I want to make. I have never in my life felt that much empowering hope in my own personal change. I feel like I have been given the most important tool to overall health, a belief that I have the power to change.

Only three months in and I have already reached my weight goal.  A goal I have had for 4 years now and have been only been making slow progress with in the last year. I went from struggling to run 1 mile, 3 times a week, to now feeling comfortable running 2 miles, 2-3 times a week. I changed my goal of running a 5k to a half marathon next summer! I am closer to my friends and family than I have been before because I am being true to myself and making sure to take into account what I want in life. I have found a routine of breathing and actions that I can take to tackle my anxiety when it starts to become crippling. I have made financial and career goals and created plans for how I want to tackle them. Melanie has also helped me with nutrition goals and has been s supportive with whatever style of eating I wanted to try as I explored what I should fuel my body with to work it’s best.

Most importantly I am happy with who I am and I am prioritizing making myself the happiest I can be. Melanie has helped me look critically at all the parts of my life I thought I couldn’t control/make better and find steps to really reach my goals. 

I am eternally grateful, recommend her to anyone wanting to see real change in their lives, and I am so excited to be able to see where I am at in another 3 months."


Young Professional/Business owner

"Prior to working with Melanie I assumed her coaching would focus mainly on nutrition and exercise, obvious things like that. What I didn’t know is that we would be looking at many other areas of my life as “nutrition”.  What Melanie helped illuminate, and what I had really underestimated, is the magnitude that all my roles, values, and relationships were playing in the nourishment of my being. Starting out I didn’t have a solid idea of what an integrative nutritional health coach was, but I knew I was in need of some accountability and that Melanie could provide that. Since working with Melanie I boast that she will not only help you look at nutrition, movement, and yes create accountability, she will help lead you to a well-nourished, well-balanced way of being you. Melanie is a skilled listener, and gifted in helping you get to the crux of your intentions and goals. With her guidance and support, I was able to tackle many goals. Some were related to food and exercise, and others focused on many other facets of life that were “weighing” me down and driving me toward unhealthy patterns around food, sleep, etc. Throughout the process I felt thoroughly supported in working on my goals and well celebrated in my efforts. Melanie provided me a wonderful launching pad towards a more health conscious, balanced, goal-motivated way of living, of which I am very grateful.   
I would highly recommend Melanie as an integrative nutritional health coach to anyone seeking a supportive, thoughtful, well-rounded path to health.
PS Her top-notch individualized yoga instruction is an incredible added bonus." 


Business owner/Mother/Dancer/Coffee and Chocolate Lover

"My wife and I had the opportunity to work with Melanie, both in classes and in private sessions. She is an incredible skilled and intuitive teacher, and we greatly benefitted from our work with her. In classes, Melanie would always take the time and effort to make sure that each participant was in the posture in a way that was good for them. In our private sessions, she always tailored them to fit our needs. Melanie has a spirituality that can be sensed as she teaches, and I feel this helped me in my practice."



"I cannot recommend working with Melanie highly enough!  Her calm, reassuring presence immediately made me feel comfortable not only in her yoga classes, but also in private reiki sessions.  She has an innate ability to make me feel at rest within myself, and her gentle & assured direction makes me feel safe to settle into poses and/or meditative states for extended periods of time." 


Florist/Business Owner

"Melanie's instruction is both helpful and focused, as she guides her students through meditative yin yoga positions and encourages presence in the classroom. 

I am grateful for her instruction and the depth of knowledge and experience in her yoga practice and teaching."


Pastor in Training/MedbridgeE Senior Coordinator/Sunset Attendee