Reference Guide for

Eco-Friendly Companies & Products

Sustainable Shipping

The companies on these two lists package practice sustainable shipping methods,

using either recycled plastics or no plastics at all! 

Many of these companies also contribute a portion of their profits to an Earth-friendly cause. 

Eco-Friendly Shipping AND Products

Let's start with the all-stars. These companies not only practice eco-friendly shipping methods, but their products are all made of recycled or plastic-free materials. Purchase from these companies for optimal environmental-friendless.











-BluelandHousehold cleaners

-Earth Hero: Baby, Bathroom, Bedding, Cleaning, Clothing, Decor, Kitchen, Office, Outdoor, Personal Care, Pets, Tech/Audio

Earthly Living: Bathroom, Candy, Kitchen, Personal Care, Tea

-Eco Brush Earth: Bathroom, Kitchen

-Eco & Style: Bathroom, Kitchen, Personal Care

-EteeBathroom, Kitchen, Personal Care

-If You CareKitchen

-Me.Mother EarthBaby, Bathroom, Cleaning, Kitchen, Pets

-Net Zero CompanyBathroom, Cleaning, Kitchen, Personal Care

-Package FreeBathroom, Cleaning, Kitchen, Personal Care, Pets

-SupernaturalHousehold cleaners

-Unpacked Living: Baby, Bathroom, Cleaning, Kitchen, Makeup, Personal Care, Pets

-Zero Waste Store: Apparel, Bathroom, Cleaning, Kitchen, Makeup, Personal Care, Pets

Eco-Friendly Shipping

These brands also do carry plastic-free and recycled products, but not exclusively. While not all of the products they carry are sustainably packaged, these companies do use sustainable packaging for shipping.

Also, many of the products or companies are eco-friendly in other ways (i.e. non-toxic ingredients, B Corporation, long-term environmental impact goals, etc).

Try finding your product from one of these companies before purchasing a plastic-wrapped shipping methods.

-GroveKitchen, Bathroom, Cleaning, Personal Care, Pets, Wellness

-Mightynest.comBathroom, Cleaning, Kitchen, Personal Care
-VitacostBathroom, Cleaning, Food, Kitchen, Personal Care, Pets, Wellness

Plastic Free, Environmentally Friendly Products

Here you can browse by product to find plastic-free, environmentally-sustainable options for the products you need.

Aluminum Foil

-If You Care (Can also be found at Grove)

Cleaning Products




-Dental Lace (Can also be found at Package Free)


-Eco Brush Earth 

-Me.Mother Earth 




Parchment Paper

-If You Care (Can also be found at Grove)

-Walfos Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat, R13

-Walfos Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat R18

Plastic Wrap Alternative


-Mighty Nest 

Q Tips

-Grove Collaborative 

-Eco Brush Earth

-Unpacked Living


-Leaf Shave



-Etee Coconut Scrubs

-Etee Coconut Dish Brush

-Etee Loofie Scrubbers


-Calilife Co



Toilet Paper

-Who Gives a Crap


-Eco Brush Earth 

-Dental Lace





-Green Legacy


Recycling Programs

TerraCycle: recycling programs for various plastic products that you love

ThredUp: Free mail-in service to have your your clothing recycled by a company you can trust.

Do you know of a company that I've left out?

Please message me to let me know!